Talk 6, Enter the Hero

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  1. David says:

    Hi Pete. Thanks for singing for me Sun whilst I was sick! At our DNA last night we had a go at answering the 2nd discussion question (along with the other 2) “It’s unusual for the Hero to enter a story so late in the piece. Why do you think Jesus entered The Story when he did rather than earlier? Other than “it was God’s sovereign plan” we had a bit of trouble answering this question. Could you share your thoughts on this question?

  2. Pete Thompson says:

    Hi David

    There’s much that could be said but I think the key thing is that God’s eternal plan revolves around him revealing and glorifying himself in the person and work of his Son. Jesus, coming when he did, was able to show himself to be the fulfillment of all the promises and answer to all the questions that had gone before. Every page of the OT reveals another dimension of how much the world needs Jesus.

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