Vision Sunday 2015, Whatever it Takes

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4 comments on “Vision Sunday 2015, Whatever it Takes
  1. Mark Tirris says:

    Will the church plants you mentioned be independent churches or will they be ‘campuses’ or extension congregations of SCPC?

    It’s a bit hard to get my head around but I want to.

  2. Daniel Goulding says:

    Im just wondering if the youth will be together or seperate once we plant a church in G’Bah?

    If they are together would they eventually split?

  3. Pete Thompson says:

    Hi Mark

    At this stage it’s only really practical to comment on our plans for Goonellabah (although thanks to everyone who was so keen to put their hand up to plant in Scotland!). We think that keeping the association between the churches as close as possible is a good thing for a whole bunch of reasons and so our thought is that planting a “daughter church” is the best option. This would mean that from an overall leadership and administrative point of view we would remain one church. Administrative functions would be centralised and duplicated as much as possible to enable the focus to be on people and relationships “at the coalface”. We also foresee maintaining one Youth ministry across the churches.

    There are many more factors to consider but hopefully that gives a bit of a window into our current plans.

    In Christ


  4. Pete Thompson says:

    Hi Daniel

    I hope in answering Mark’s question I’ve answered yours also. Our plan is to maintain one large SCPC Youth ministry, at least in regard to Friday nights.

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