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Welcome to the Pastors’ Pen. An update for life at Southern Cross…

The SCPC year is over! You might have heard us say before that our SCPC year runs from Celebration Sunday to Celebration Sunday. From all reports, Celebration Sunday in September was a fantastic day at East Lismore, celebrating God’s extraordinary love to us in the gift of Christ Jesus. 

Now at SCPC, for our Leadership Team and staff, we turn to planning mode! Could I ask you to pray for our elders and staff during this critical phase? Pray firstly for our elders on Leadership Team as we head away shortly for a weekend of planning in Bonny Hills (south of Port Macquarie). Leadership Team will be looking at our vision for 2023 and a five year plan from 2024-2028. We will also have input over the weekend from pastor and author* Dave McDonald. Leadership Team will also attend the Sunday Gathering of Salt Church with Dave and his wife Fiona. This is a vital, exciting and hugely positive time for our Leadership Team.

Secondarily, pray for our staff team as we confirm ministry teams for the new year and continue working on how to streamline our administration and how we organise and enact our Sunday gatherings at East Lismore. So a huge ‘shout out’ to our Ministry Coordinator and Admin Assistant for the incredible creativity they are bringing to this space. 

Finally, will you begin praying for 2023? That together, God willing, we would be clear on our vision to be growing followers of Jesus by… (can you finish that statement?)…

Worship: Growing our love for God,
Community: Growing our love for each other, and  
Mission: Growing our love for the world. 

Part of doing that will be considering how we manage the rhythms of life! Could I suggest pre-ordering a copy of our SCPC 2023 calendar (we will print to order for 2023). We will try to give you a couple of weeks to order your calendar. I joked with our East Lismore staff team that we have to do everything to get this message out. I even suggested sky writing, after seeing it done recently on the Gold Coast! Staff just looked at me with that “Stew you are absolutely nuts” look! So, sadly no sky writing, but do get the word out to our church family to pre-order your 2023 calendar

However, as our series in Proverbs reminds us, we can’t get ahead of ourselves as we don’t know what tomorrow brings. And yet, we can rest in the providential care of our wonderful Father God, who even directs king’s hearts! 

In the Lord’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water that he channels toward all who please him. Proverbs 21:1

*Dave McDonald is author of Hope Beyond Cure from Matthias media. You can purchase the book here.


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