The Common


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moving equipment






Engineering equipment J & J Dickson tools
Esky J & A Millar camping
Esky I & J Coutts camping
esky (2) D & V Roberts camping
Esky (60L) J & K Harvey camping
Ever After S Coughlin games
Evolution's Achille's Heels Book and DVD David and Vicki Roberts books
Face off I & J Coutts games
Facepainting S Coughlin skills
Failure to Launch I & J Coutts games
Farm & Creek for people/families to visit/swim/fish K & L Murphy facilities
Fatherhood by Tony Payne D & V Roberts books
Fender Squire (electric guitar) with amp, leads capo, etc M Roberts games
Finding Nemo I & J Coutts games
fishing gear (rods, reels and tackle) D & B Brooks camping
Flippers S & S Playsted clothing
Folding Chairs (6) R & L Maxwell furniture
fondue set (will need candle) I & J Coutts appliances
Food Processor S & S Playsted appliances
For Men Only by Sahunti and Jeff Feldhahn J & A Millar books
For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn J & A Millar books
Forrest Gump I & J Coutts games
Four holidays S Coughlin games
Free Willy 1 & 3 I & J Coutts games
Frequency I & J Coutts games
Garden Tools (Spades, fork, shovel etc.) P & C Scherrer tools
Garfield 1 & 2 S Coughlin games
Gas bottle and Stand I & J Coutts camping
Gas Camping BBQ J & A Millar camping
Gas Lantern J & A Millar camping
Gas lantern I & J Coutts camping
Gas stove and stand I & J Coutts camping
George Forman Grill S Coughlin appliances
Girl Dress Ups J & K Harvey clothing
Give them grace S Coughlin books
God Girl S Coughlin books
God is closer than you think by John Ortberg J & A Millar books
God's Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts M Roberts books
Golf Clubs J & A Millar games
Gone in 60 seconds I & J Coutts games