The Common Fund

One great way we can love and serve one another is to provide financial assistance and advice for those within our church family who face genuine and acute hardship. While we encourage the organic meeting of such needs through existing relationships, sometimes needs arise within the church family that may go unmet because of the difficulty of matching genuine needs and generous givers if no system exists for this purpose. For this reason, we have a special bank account known as “The Common Fund”. As money accumulates in The Common Fund and as needs arise, applications for assistance can be made. The merit of each application will be assessed by The Common Fund Committee and assistance offered in proportion to the need and the funds available.

Contributing to The Common Fund

Everyone in our church family is encouraged to contribute to the common fund as they are able. Such contributions should not be at the expense of your normal scheduled giving to church but rather as an extra act of generosity for the specific purpose of helping those in need. You may choose to give to the common fund regularly or as a one-off gift. Please email for account details.

Applying to The Common Fund

The Common Fund is designed to serve those within our church family who are in acute or unforeseen financial stress. It is not designed for those outside of our church family or as a means of ongoing financial support. It must be understood that the common fund committee will aim to help all applicants but that this must happen according to the wisdom and discretion of the committee as well as within the financial constraints of the fund.

If you are part of our church family and are in acute or unforeseen financial stress, please contact us – we hope that through the generosity of our church family we will be able to help.

The Common Fund Committee – Courtney-Anne Breugem, Bronwyn Herd, Ken Murphy and Steve Tilley (contact the office for contact details).