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moving equipment






1 * 2 room dome tent I & J Coutts camping
1 "cruiser" bike D & V Roberts games
1 mountain bike with front suspension (made for rough conditions) D & V Roberts games
100mm Grinder M & S Crosthwaite tools
12 "Christian" Beliefs That Can Drive You Crazy by Henry Clourd and John Townsend D & V Roberts books
2 kids bikes D & V Roberts games
2 kids tennis racquets D & V Roberts games
2 man tent D & B Brooks camping
2 man tent S Coughlin camping
2 Mini Malibu Surfboards J & A Millar games
2 Optus 4G USB Modems S. Mathers appliances
2 Shagpile Rugs (one biege and one chocolate) FREE GIVEAWAY J & A millar furniture
2 single swags D & B Brooks camping
20 (surprisingly simple) rules and tools for a great family S Coughlin books
2000 Camry with Towbar I & J Coutts moving
2012 S Coughlin games
25L Esky S Coughlin camping
3 Body Boards D & V Roberts games
3 man dome tent J & A Millar camping
3 man tent S Coughlin camping
3 person dome tent P & C Scherrer camping
3 School tables and 12 school chairs R & L Maxwell furniture
3 sleeping bags D & B Brooks camping
3 tonne chain block and sling J & J Dickson tools
300 S Coughlin games
4 Adult sized tennis racquets D & V Roberts games
4 Bike Helmets D & V Roberts games
4 Cylinder Camry with towbar D & V Roberts moving
4 fold up chairs D & V Roberts camping
4 horse power tinny with car trailer (no licence required) D & B Brooks camping
4 Meters of astro turf Hanisah Corner camping
4 single air beds D & V Roberts camping
4 Stroke 2500 PSI Pressure Cleaner D & E Goulding tools
4 Stroke Blower D & E Goulding tools
40 days and 40 nights S Coughlin games
5 * 4 400kg Trailer K & L Murphy moving
50 first dates S Coughlin games
6 man 2 room dome tent J & A Millar camping
6 Man tent J & K Harvey camping
6 man tent S Coughlin camping