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prayer for the same-sex marriage vote:

God’s Good Design for Marriage

Praise God for his good design of all things, especially in the beautiful complimentarity of men and women and his plan for this to be expressed in marriage. Give thanks that this design has been universally recognised for all of human history for the good of society.

Clarity on the Real Issue

As our nation prepares to vote on same-sex marriage, ask God to help us to be clear on the fundamental issue—redefining marriage rather than overcoming inequality, and that equality doesn’t always mean sameness.

Gentleness & Respect

Please pray that all Christians, whether publicly or privately, would engage with clarity but also with gentleness and respect for those with whom we disagree. Ask God for the discernment to know when to speak and when to listen and to maintain a humble attitude and tone at all times.

Christian Marriages

Pray that Christian husbands & wives would love each other in ways that reflect and adorn the gospel. Pray that the consistency between what we believe and how we live would leave no room for accusations of hypocrisy and will help the world to see that God’s design for marriage is best.

For more information regarding the re-definition of marriage you may like to read this discussion paper from the gospel, society and culture committee of the Presbyterian Church of NSW:


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