Church Family News 2018 05 20

North Coast Christian Convention

This weekend, we’ll be heading down to Evans Head K-12 School on 26-27 May for some great Bible teaching and fellowship with hundreds of other North Coast Christians. This years talks will be from the parables of Jesus, brought to us by six local pastors. But don’t come to hear the local talent, come instead if you have “ears to hear” the Lord Jesus. Get together with your GC and make a weekend of it. Book today at


No Sunday Gatherings this Sunday / No Youth gathering on Friday

There will be no 9am gathering at SCG or 9:45am or 6pm gatherings at Lismore High this Sunday. Due to NCCC, Youth will not be on this Friday.

Food for Thought Movie & Dinner

Food for Thought Movie & Dinner will be on the 27th of June. This is an excellent opportunity to invite friends along to watch the movie and then (this bit is really important!) to dinner for a chance to talk about the movie together. You are free to choose to have the dinner at a restaurant or in someone’s home, it could be big or small, be a GC activity, just a few friends – doesn’t really matter. The main thing is that we take the opportunity the movie provides to DISCUSS Jesus and faith in Him based on the FACTS of history. Book your ticket today and guarantee your seat:

YC1 – Evans Head

YC1 in on Friday the 15th of June, from 6:30 – 9pm. Parents and carers are invited from 6:30pm-7pm to join speaker Stu Hoadley (youth pastor with over 20 years experience) to hear him speak about what he will cover on his talk on the night at YC1, on God’s view of sex.


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