Church Family News 2019 03 24

Book Club Discussion

SCPC Book Club will have its first discussion gathering on Wednesday April 3rd, 7:30am at Park Ave. Bring your copy of Enjoying God and come along to spur each other on in the good things the book has taught us.

SMBC Mission

A team of ten students from Sydney Missionary & Bible College will be spending 8 days in Lismore from April 7-14, preaching and presenting the Gospel at church, Kids church, Youth, Young Adults as well as in local primary schools and the community.

Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored is being held weekly at Park Ave at 7:30pm for 7 weeks. If you would like to help by providing dessert one week please add your name to the list on the Community table.

Staff Away

Bronwyn will be on annual leave 18-31 March.


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