Daily Devotionals: Luke 22:66-71

Read Luke 22:66-71
Day breaks and Jesus stands trial before the elders, priests and teachers and they ask Jesus to tell them if he is the Messiah. It sounds innocent but what they mean is ‘We say you are NOT the Messiah, yet we will condemn you for claiming you are…however if you ask us, we will neither confirm nor deny who you are’. They were not interested in who Jesus was, but only destroying him. Then Jesus changes the topic to the coming glory of the Son of Man in verse 69. Jesus at the right hand of God, a stark contrast to this kangaroo court. Again, they ask if Jesus is the Son of God, trying to get Jesus to incriminate himself and again Jesus responds with their own testimony. So Jesus is condemned for being the Messiah and Son of God yet not by his words.  

By Steve Tilley (Gospel Community Vision Coordinator)

Reflection Questions

  1. Who was it that came together to condemn Jesus and why was this important?
  2. Do you think they were sincere in their questions in verses 67 and 70? Why/why not?
  3. What do you think Jesus was implying from his response in verses 67-68?
  4. Verse 69 shows Jesus exalted, how do you think this fits in?
  5. Jesus didn’t say much. Whose testimony condemned Jesus? How was this trial rigged?

Family Around the Table
Who do WE say Jesus is? What are some things Jesus has said about himself?

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