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Growup: day 316

Romans 13:1 – 16:27 There’s lots of stuff in this morning’s passage (submitting to Authorities, not being a stumbling block). But the thing I liked most about this morning’s reading was the personal greetings in chapter 16. 1 I commend to you

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Growup: Day 308

1 Thessalonians 1:1-5:28 – the whole thing Well where do ya start? A strong theme in 1 Thessalonians seems to be eschatology (big word for end time stuff). At the end of each chapter is a reference to Jesus return

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Growup: day 291

Luke 14:1-16:31 I really like Luke’s gospel and particularly Luke 15 but since I will be preaching on it for three weeks at the end of term, I won’t say anything about it now. Today I just want to focus on

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Growup day: Day 272 and 273

Day 272 Matthew 1:1-4:25 Well if you’ve made it all the way through the OT you must be stoked. Hopefully with all that OT background, the NT will come alive, as you see Jesus fulfil all the promises and prophecies made about him.

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