blokes go beach Nov 25-26th

Over the weekend we are looking at the topic “Don’t be sold a lemon”. As a young fella growing up I made some very foolish choices by believing people who sold me a lemon. Now in life while this can be disappointing and can affect us for the rest of our lives (worse case scenario), but what would be worse would be to believe a lie, ‘to be sold a lemon’, which affects our eternal well being, that would be truly tragic! Over the weekend we are going to look at God’s Word and see how we can avoid making the foolish error, how we can avoid being ‘sold the lemon’ this world tries to sell us.

Look forward to catching up over the weekend of the 25-26th. Al



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3 comments on “blokes go beach Nov 25-26th
  1. David Roberts says:

    The boys and I are looking forward to spending time with the other blokes from church on the 25th! We have some spare room in our tent if anyone wants to share.

  2. David Roberts says:

    Is our speaker Al Stewart?

  3. Stew Playsted says:

    No sorry mate… Al Burke from Yamba…

    But just as blokey and passionate about men knowing Jesus.


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