Book Review: Delighting in the Trinity

It’s a rare thing to start reading a book and think “wow-  this could change everything!”

That was how I felt after less than a chapter into Michael Reeves book Delighting the Trinity. Usually when you pick up a book about the Trinity you expect it to be a bit boring, you imagine plenty of dry, dull pages painfully describing the doctrine of the Trinity. But that is far from the case this time round. Instead of being about understanding the concept of the Trinity Reeve’s book is all about knowing (& delighting) in God as Trinity.

I’ve always thought of the Trinity as true, but in no way at the very core of the Christian faith, instead more of a slightly confusing appendix. But Reeves seeks to show that all God is and all God does, flows out of his triunity- and that is a very good thing. He says that his book is “about growing in our enjoyment of God and seeing how God’s triune being makes all his ways beautiful. It is a chance to taste and see that the Lord is good, to have your heart won and yourself refreshed. For it is only when you grasp what it means for God to be a Trinity that you really sense the beauty, the overflowing kindness, the heart-grabbing loveliness of God. If the Trinity were something we could shave off God, we would not be relieving him of some irksome weight; we would be shearing him of precisely what is so delightful about him. For God is triune, and it is as triune that he is so good and desirable.”

And the best thing is I feel I know God better now. I know him in a deeper, richer way than I did before. But there’s so much in it that I’ve gotta go back and read it all again! (And by the way it’s short, easy to read and he makes some jokes!)

Find it here.

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