Boxing Day Sales

boxing day Did you make the most of the boxing day sales in 2012?

Not in a materialistic, “give me more! give me more!” kinda way, but in a looking forward, “I wanna be a godly steward” kinda way.

How so, you may ask?

Let me share some ideas Caley and I had. It goes a bit like this…

  1.    We know we will need to get people gifts during the year for b’days etc… so let’s get some general gender specific presents now, on the cheap.
  2. We know we will need more cleaning/maintance products around the house, car, outdoors etc… so let’s buy some in bulk, on the cheap.
  3. We know we will need some more specific clothing, socks, undies etc… so let’s get it now, on the cheap.

This way we can save money and can be more generous with support for Church or hospitality over the holiday break.

You may have other ideas on how to be a godly steward to allow for more genorisity.  Feel free to share the ideas around….

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