bush dance

It’s that time of year again; in fact this event only happens once every two years so that’s why it is even more special!

Yes, that’s right its time for the 2008 Southern Cross Bush Dance.

On Sunday we got a little taste of what’s in store although nothing will compare to being there on Saturday night 23rd August.  In fact now is a good time to start looking through your wardrobe to see what flannelette will look best and how you can win the most popular “best dressed award” on the evening.

The bush dance is being held at the Lismore High School Auditorium (where we meet on Sundays) and the dance starts nice and early at 6.30pm.

I personally like the old bush dance and am encouraged to hear that many of you do.  If you would like to help out on the evening then please give me a call at the office on 6621 3655 or send me an email at julie@scpc.org.au.

Remember this is an event for ALL ages which means that anyone can give it a go.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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One comment on “bush dance
  1. Rachael says:

    Man, Ian and I carved it up at SCBD ’06!
    I love a good ‘ol bush dance, and while I can never remember the steps (except for the ‘heel and toe’), it’s heaps of fun!
    These kind of events are a great way to have fun and fellowship, and to get to know some people that you wouldn’t ordinarily hang out with a bit better…well, as much as you can while you ‘strip the willow’ that is 🙂 It’s good for a laugh and nobody cares if you stuff it up (lucky for me!)
    So, if you’re on the fence about coming, I say “suck it up and come!” (meant in the nicest possible way of course).
    I mean, who doesn’t want to don a flannie and an akubra and hang out with their church family while skipping, twirling and stamping their feet? 🙂

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