Clean-up Thanks

Suzie Thompson writes:

Lots of thanks to Jenni Dann who coordinated Clean Up Australia Day at Lismore High School on behalf of SCPC.

While groups went off in different directions, our team of 2 mums, 5 kids, lots of empty bags and floppy gloves headed down to Military Rd at about 11:30am. I must admit I wasn’t all that excited about the thought of picking up rubbish while supervising the kids (I know, I should have had a better attitude given I’d just heard the talk on suffering!). But it was actually fun! a really positive way to spend time with another family (from school) and to engage with the kids about God’s world and to contribute something to our community. I was suprised about how little rubbish there was (we filled about 1 and a half bags); how much the kids enjoyed it; how little it rained while we were out; and by the fact that I feel the urge to pick up every bit of rubbish i’ve seen on the ground since then!

How about next year we send out even more teams from SCPC! What a great sight to see groups of people walking around the streets chatting as they clean up Australia. Praise God for our beautiful country.

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