“Connect09” – What’s in a Name?

It’s great to see questions starting to flow through on the website (see the right sidebar, ‘Got Questions’) alongside the many already gathered through the cards our church family are using to collect questions from family and friends. Some of these questions that are unlikely to make the top 10 (or aren’t quite in the category of “God, life and the Bible”) are deserving of a brief answer here on the blog, even if we don’t get to all of them.

So here’s one that came through recently:

“I know sydney anglican are doing connect 09 so is scpc a anglican church in presbyterian clothes?”

Thanks for that! SCPC started thinking about a year of mission in 2009 back in May 2008 after some talks at North Coast Christian Convention (coming around again soon May 23-24!) convicted many of us about a renewed passion for the lost. At that time, I put out an email to many of our small group and ministry leaders about the idea of a year of mission in 2009 and there was an enthusiastic response.

Meanwhile, we have been working hard since adopting our new mission statement, ‘connect, grow, serve’ (since the move to meeting at Lismore High in September 2007) at working ‘connect’ language through everything we do, seeking that God would use our connection with others to connect them with Jesus. So when we heard the ‘connect09’ slogan being used by a co-ordinated effort of mission in Sydney by Anglicans (and other denominations) we shamelessly grabbed hold of it for our mission here. We’re also grateful to be able to utilise one of the resources they have developed (more about this soon – an edition of Luke’s gospel, (‘The essential Jesus’) that we will distribute to every household in Lismore.

We are very grateful to God for like-minded gospel partners in Sydney and elsewhere whether Anglican, Presbyterian or whatever, as long as their focus is Jesus. Afterall, our goal isn’t to connect people to Presbyterianism but to him!

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