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I have been so encouraged this week to hear how small groups are planning to attack the challenge of distributing Luke’s gospel “the Essential Jesus” to every household in Lismore.

Although it would be ideal for the distribution to take place from Monday 13 July through to Friday 31 July we understand this may not be possible for everyone and so therefore distribution may go through to August especially for those groups who will be taking more than one area.

The first 1,000 gospels have already been picked up ready for distribution (I think it was about 8 boxes).   Gospels can be picked up from the hall at Park Avenue any time Tuesday to Friday 9am-5pm or at another time by arrangement.  Please continue praying for this exciting time where every household in Lismore will have the opportunity to read God’s word.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to add them here so I can respond.

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2 comments on “Essential Distribution…
  1. David says:

    Hi Julie,

    Mitchell and I just delivered a box of gospels in East Lismore! It went well – our plan was to put them in letterboxes if they fitted (which they did in the vast majority of cases) and knock on doors if they didn’t fit in the letterbox. If no one was home, we slipped it under the door. We didn’t do much door knocking, but we had only one person refused our offer as she answered the door with a baby in her arms, and I didn’t get a chance to even say where we were from. One thing we did before we put them in the letterboxes was to pull out the bookmark so you could see that it was from SCPC as a gift. We told one person that it was a gift from SCPC and he said “You are the people who sing lovely at Christmas time”, so that was very encouraging.

  2. Beccy.Cree says:

    That’s great David!! I can’t wait till youth does our lot late next week after safari (wooo!! Safari!!)
    A couple of us plan to doorknock, and the rest will put as many books in letterboxes as possible.
    How has everyone else found the distribution so far?

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