Global Mission… Is it your goal?

GMP logo finalWe all (every Christian, everywhere) have a role to play in global mission.

The Global Mission Partners ministry has been started to build this vision and help make this happen in our Church.

Our goal? To be radical together.

Why? To unleash the people of God for the purpose of God.

This short video tells us “that we can live here, for their sake over there.”

Do you want his glory to be known? Do you share our goal?

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One comment on “Global Mission… Is it your goal?
  1. Trevor Voltz says:

    Hi Mark I’ve read David Platts book ‘Radical’ great hard hitting to the heart,mind and soul book. Have spoken to others about it and would have loved to have done the 12 month “experiment” but no-one seemed interested and for me it would take another group of people to do it. His also a great video from the same series of books. It really is all about His purpose.The goal is Christ.

    Thanks brother

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