I was ripped out of the clutches of  hell @ NTE! In other (not so graphic) words I was converted @ NTE.

Back in ’05 I was walking back to the dorms after hearing a great talk and was chatting to a mate from EC.

I said “I wanna get baptised now because I wanna follow Jesus.” “He replied, you know you don’t have to be baptised to be saved.”I said, “what! serious?! Well then I wanna be a Christian. I believe that Jesus is my only hope for salvation and forgiveness with God. Does that mean I am a Christian now?” He said, “Yep!” And I said, “wow so I am a Christian now! Yeah!!!”And that was my born-again day. December 5th 2005.

And it’s not just me. Every year (I have been 5 times!) there are a number of people turn to find salvation in Jesus during the conference!

So this conference isn’t just good for equipping believers to have a lifetime of ministry (which it does so well) but it’s also a place that God is blessing unbelievers and bringing conversion and eternal life. So let’s be praying for NTE, that the believers from EC would be equipped and also that others would be converted and granted eternal life…

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