Gospels Galore

We can praise God that SCPC took delivery of 10 880 copies of Luke’s gospel today ready for distribution to every household in Lismore in late July! What a great gift to offer our neighbours.

‘The Essential Jesus’ is a well presented 80 page book containing: a fresh and accurate translation of Luke’s Gospel; numerous footnotes, helpfully explaining to the modern reader some of the unfamiliar terms and names that appear from time to time; some important background information to Jesus’ ministry from the Old Testament (‘Previously in the Bible’); and a version of the ‘Two Ways to Live gospel presentation’ related back to Luke’s gospel.You can have a look at a pdf of ‘The Essential Jesus’ here.

As a follow up to our looming ‘Got Questions’ series in term 2, this will be a key part of our connect09 year of outreach. The gospels will go out with an invitation to come and hear the talk series in term 3, “Now for Some Questions Jesus’ Asked!“. Afterall, as we saw on Sunday, the gospel not only answers our questions of God but more importantly is about the question God asks of us regarding our response to Jesus.

We will be praying on Sunday that God would be paving the way for many people to accept, read and receive the good news of Jesus. But you don’t need to wait ’til then to start praying.

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  1. David says:

    It is great to have an accurate and inexpensive copy of the gospel of Luke available to give to people for free. Most people would not know what the gospel is, so this is a great chance for them to read for themselves a record of what Jesus actually said and did.

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