‘Got Questions’ series starts May 3

We’ve sorted through all the question cards gathered over the last couple  of months, along with all the questions submitted via the website… and settled on the FINAL TOP TEN QUESTIONS being asked in Lismore about God, the life and the Bible, to be addressed in our ‘Got Questions series in church (Sundays 9:30am & 6pm at Lismore High) starting May 3. Click here to watch a one minute video presentation of the questions (also listed below). We look forward to seeing you during the series.

1. what is the meaning of life? may 3
2. can you really trust the Bible? may 10
3. how could a good God allow suffering? may 17
4. is it right for God to judge? may 24
5. can there really be just one true religion? may 31
6. hasn’t science disproved Christianity? june 7
7. isn’t the church behind war and injustice? june 14
8. why are Christians such hypocrites? june 21
9. why did Jesus have to die on the cross? june 28
10. I’m happy and content, why do I need God? july 5

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7 comments on “‘Got Questions’ series starts May 3
  1. Beccy C. says:

    I can’t wait till the series starts!!! I got a few friends that I hope will come to church to hear the talks. Hopefully their questions eill be answered, and of course the much bigger question of who is Jesus will also be answered for them.
    Does anyone else have friends that are planning to come??

  2. Simon Allery says:

    I too am looking forward to the ‘got questions’ series. I really hope that people who don’t know Jesus come along to hear the best news ever and not people trying to push their own agenda. It’s exciting but a little scary. Do you think we will need security? I might ask Blocker.

  3. Suzie says:

    I have a friend who I’ve chatted with about suffering and I’d love him to come in week 3 – unfortunately he’s moving to Sydney the weekend before! So instead I’m just going to invite him to week 1: what’s the meaning of life? I’m sure its a question he’s wondered about somewhere along the way!

  4. David McPherson says:

    The early Christians didn’t have security they just copped it on the chin. Speaking of copping it on the chin, I want to encourage all my brothers and sisters at SCPC to be inviting their friends, family, workmates, team mates, neighbours, etc to the ‘Got Questions’ series.

    I know it takes courage to invite people along to these events but we need to remember that we are serving Jesus and that he is our master. Jesus is the one we need to fear not other people. There is nothing wrong with being afraid but I think it is wrong if you let your fear of people guide whether you are going to serve Jesus. It is NOT a spiritual gift to be able to invite people to hear about Jesus, it’s something that ALL Christians should be DEVOTED to and PASSIONATE about.

    So let’s get out there and have the courage to invite others to hear about the Jesus who saved us.

  5. Brad Herd says:

    Definitely looking forward to getting my friends along to hear answers to many of the questions they have. I’m excited because I’ve already had some positive responses from friends who are ready to come and check out church and find out what the Bible says about the different questions they have.
    It’s great seeing how God is already working in their hearts before they’ve even come.

  6. Beccy C. says:

    I really liked what you said David, about telling people about Jesus is not a gift, its something EVERYONE should be doing. I think I get caught in the trap of thinking, “but its not my gift…”
    I really, really, really, hope that lots of people will come and hear all about the amazing news of Jesus!!!

  7. Mitch Grivo says:

    You guys rock! I wish i was gonna be there for that series, it sounds really exciting! I’m sure God’s love will shine through you guys as you invite people, people that you live side by side with, along to hear the greatest news of all. I love you all!

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