Groundwork – Get a Taste!

Most of us like to have a taste of a new dish before we hoe in to it. That first taste puts us in a good position to know whether or not to proceed. We’d like to invite you to make the most of a one-off opportunity, a taste of something new – “Groundwork: training for the ordinary Christian life“.

This is something we’re really excited about! Groundwork puts a great opportunity within EVERYONE’S reach to be better equipped to live for Jesus in everyday life.

In the past, a lot of theological courses have been poorly suited to the ordinary Christian life – in terms of both relevance and accessibility. But the developers of Groundwork have done a great job in producing a course that is directly relevant to everyday life and can be easily tailored to cater for different circumstances.

You may or may not have considered any sort of theological education before but EVERYONE should come along to Park Ave next Wednesday night at 7:30 to hear Murray Smith serve up a taste of Groundwork. That way you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether you’d like to hook in for more.

Murray, one of the authors of Groundwork and a lecturer in Biblical studies at the Presbyterian Theological Centre in Sydney, will present a seminar from the unit on work, called “good work: a labour of love”. He’ll also be explaining how Groundwork can work for you. So don’t miss out!

What: introduction to Groundwork and sample seminar presented by Murray Smith

When: Wednesday 9 November at 7:30pm

Where: SCPC, Park Ave, East Lismore

Why: because faith needs legs! This is a great one-off opportunity to get a taste of Groundwork so that you can decide for yourself  whether to look into it further.

What to bring: a plate of your favorite nibblies to share (but seriously, if you can’t do that, come anyway!)

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2 comments on “Groundwork – Get a Taste!
  1. David Roberts says:

    Thanks again for organising Murray to come and share about Groundwork. I missed the bit in the talk on Genesis 2 where Murray was taking about Gen 2 and how it relates to work. Could someone please fill me in on what he said about Gen 1 & 2?

    Vicki found the study really good in re to being a working Mum and struggling to “juggle” work and family and wondering if she should work less or not. I’m also looking forward to going through the study with Mitch to help him think about electives at school and what career he should consider down the tract.


  2. Hi David

    Sorry not to get back to you til now. I’m not getting alerts at the moment so will have to get that fixed up.

    Rather than me trying to repeat what Murray said on the night, you’ll very soon be able to borrow a DVD from the office that has all the teaching from the night. It should be done by the end of the week.


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