Grow up: Day 263

Job 9:25- 13:28

Job is an amazing book. We begin and end on earth. In between we swing between earth and heaven. What happens on earth is a direct result of what happens in heaven. But Job is unable to enter the heavens to approach God and find out why things happen as they do. Even as God appears at the end, heavenly secrets are not disclosed. Job has to live without knowing the secret councils of God. Earthbound Job has to be content with limited knowledge.

This causes great anguish for him. He wants to take God into the court room so he can present his case. But this prospect ends with him in despair 10:11-22.

There is a long road ahead for Job. With his limited knowledge he will ask searching questions but must not slip into being too presumptuous. He seeks an arbiter in 9:33-35. He will need one but not the kind he is suggesting.

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