Grow up: Day 267

Job 27:1- 30:31

Job 28 is an amazing little read.

It kicks off (vs1-11) emphasizing humans amazing cleverness with respect to discovering and uncovering earth’s riches.

Yet inspite of this ingenuity there are some things humanity just does not know (vv.12-19) true wisdom they cannot discover, this most valuable treasure alludes them.

God alone shares the monopoly on this precious resource (vv.20-28) and in his mercy speaks into our world the place of wisdom:

28 And he said to man,

‘The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom,

and to shun evil is understanding.’ “

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2 comments on “Grow up: Day 267
  1. Louise says:

    I think making the commitment to read the bible in a year has really opened my mind and heart. So many parts of the old testament that i had never read or read many times but never understood it’s context. (There is so much understanding i still need to gain though! – thank goodness there’s no pop quizzes!)

    I think prior to reading the old testament in it’s entirety (only 3 days to go before we hit the new testament!) I had no idea how much we could get from the old testament (or how many songs we sing regularly with words from the old testament). Stew mentioned Job 28 being an amazing read. I feel even today’s read – with Job chapter 33 is amazing. In fact, I’m able to put the Job story together better than ever and i just want to read ahead!

    Why am i telling you this?
    Well, Whether you are working through the bible in a year or not. I want to encourage you to open God’s word regularly! No more excuses. Just do it! Open the new and the OLD testament. See how the old testament points ahead to JESUS and read the amazing things we can learn about God from the old testament.

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