Growup: Day 117

Psalms 105-106

These two psalms are a fascinating contrast when read one after the other.

The first (105) is an out-and-out unadulterated celebration of what God had done for his people, especially in the Exodus. God is praised for his steadfast faithfulness and his loving actions on behalf of his people are described in great detail. There is no mention of Israel’s failure to respond properly.

The second of the two psalms (106) is quite the opposite! Things start in a similar fashion but from verse 6 all the way through to verse 43, rather than God’s faithfulness being described, the Psalmist laments Israel’s UNfaithfulness. When history is condensed like this it’s easy to shake our heads and look down on Israel for her many sins – how good they get it SO wrong SO many times?! But the fact is our lives are no less tragic. From one day to the next, even though we know God’s greater Exodus in Christ, yet we still sin, just doing as we see fit.

God’s enduring faithfulness is amazing isn’t it?!

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