Growup: Day 131

2 Chronicles 7-9

These chapters describe the “golden years” (quite literally!) of Israel under David’s son, King Solomon. The blessing of God is apparent in every way – wisdom, prosperity, peace – Israel has it all. It appears that God’s ancient promises to Abraham are fully subscribed. And they also have the promise that it will continue as long as they stay faithful to God…

I found the second half of chapter 7 very poignant as my thoughts drifted to King Jesus. Jesus is God’s eternal temple – the place where his glory and name reside forever, the place where God and man meet, the place where a sacrifice is made and sin is dealt with once and for all, the temple that was torn down and┬ábecame an object of ridicule and people asked why has the Lord done this? And yet the temple that was raised again 3 days later, more magnificent than ever before.

Praise God, “he is good; his love endures forever” (2 Chronicles 7:3)

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