Growup: Day 133

Proverbs 4-7

It’s really interesting to move on to Proverbs after so recently reading 2 Chronicles 7-9 which describe Solomon’s wisdom – its source and its results.

Here are 7 things I’ve learnt about wisdom from Solomon and his Proverbs?:

  1. True wisdom only comes from God. Only he has the “omniscient” (all-knowing) perspective that is necessary to be truly wise.
  2. True wisdom comes from rightly understanding who God is and who we are and therefore how we should rightly relate to him. At the heart of this is that God is to be FEARED – honoured, revered & obeyed.
  3. True wisdom is not “natural” but must be learnt and this learning requires great humility and discipline. God himself must be our teacher in this and his word the Bible is our “textbook”.
  4. True wisdom involves fleeing wickedness as well as pursuing righteousness.
  5. True wisdom is hard won and the path to gain it will often seem less attractive than the alternatives but blessing lies at the journey’s end.
  6. True wisdom cherishes truth. Falsehood and wisdom don’t mix.
  7. Folly is seductive so we should never become complacent.
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