growup: day 146

song of songs 5 – 8

Its weird reading song of songs because it feels like we are reading something so personal and intimate between two people, the most intimate relationship that humans have… It was like reading someone’s love letters…

I read through Song of songs last year and really struggled to see how it pointed to Jesus (possibly also struggled because I wasn’t married and didn’t really get the whole intimacy of marriage). So before reading this section, I read through Pete’s blog for yesterday’s reading and I found it a really encouraging read… it helped me keep this passage in perspective and remember God’s great gift of marriage on earth but more importantly, the GREAT gift of marriage to God.

In this passage, there are so many moments where the beloved is greatly anticipating the arrival of her lover. The beloved was yearning for the lover’s arrival… this made me think of how we need to be anticipating (yearning for) of our marriage to God in heaven, yearning for the arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ to take us home with him.

The purpose of our lives on earth – to be living for our “husband” in heaven (sorry if that sounds weird for you men out there…), resting in his great love for us, growing from that great love and mercy into a bride that is holy and blameless.

This is something I never thought I would learn from Song of Songs but I need to remember that its all God’s Word. God’s word is powerful in convicting us as well as powerful in pointing us to where we find our eternal hope (JESUS) and powerful in giving us shelter from the looming sight of sin.

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