Growup: Day 208

Jeremiah 39-42

These chapters recount a very significant time in the history of Israel/Judah – the siege and sacking of Jerusalem and the exile to Babylon, all just as God had said it would happen through his servant, the prophet Jeremiah. The incredible thing to me is how even after all that happened, proving Jeremiah to be a faithful messenger of God’s word, yet still the people would not trust him and listen to the Lord. Still they listened to their own fears and what their itching ears wanted to hear.

Dear friends, I fear that far too often we are just like this. We choose not to listen to God’s plain word and do what it says. Instead we ┬ájustify and rationalise and twist God’s straight word to suit our own desires and to convince ourselves that we are in fact good Christians. Listening to God’s word and doing what it says will often, probably even usually, seem like the harder path. But we need to trust that the author of our salvation knows what is good for us and provides us with the resources we need to do his will.

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