Growup: Day 22

Exodus 22-24

The law goes on and on! Anyone who thought the law = the ten commandments is sorely mistaken. God’s instruction for his people is substantial to say the least!

What do we learn? What does God expect from his people?

fairness (the need for restitution, responsibility for actions), concern for the weak (e.g. 22:22-24; 23:9), holiness (22:31), impartiality (23:2-3), honesty (23:4, 7-8), faithfulness (23:13), remembrance and thanksgiving (23:14-17), more?

At the end of this section God restates his commitment to his covenant promises – to the promises that he made to Abraham – to love and to provide for and to fight for his chosen people. And the Israelites in turn affirm their acceptance of the covenant and commit themselves to God – “everything the LORD has said, we will do” (24:3, 7).

It’s a good start…

BTW, read 24:8-11 and then checkout the last supper in Luke 22…

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