Growup: day 276

Matthew 18:15 – 20:34

Sorry its been so long! It’s been great getting into the new testament. Though I have felt as though I just wanted the bible in a year to pause in time so I could take in the richness in the gospel of Matthew but its something to come back to next year.

Whenever I read the gospel, I always get amused at the dialogue between Jesus and the disciples. Reading the things that they asked him or ask of him (like sitting at Jesus’ right and left hand in His kingdom… Although in Matthew 18:20 – 28, its the disciple’s mum that’s asking the question) seems quite ridiculous. We often think “what a silly thing to ask…” I mean they’re speaking to the man who gave up his heavenly throne to come and serve them, us.

But… don’t we do this in a similar way when we puff ourselves up with the good things we do, looking for God’s approval?

Its funny because somewhere along the line of serving, we’ve forgotten the grace by which we can serve as saved people and as children of God.

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  1. Hi Jasmine

    So true! Not that it’s wrong to desire God’s approval, just to forget that thanks to Christ we already have it!

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