Growup: day 290

LukeĀ  12:1 – 13:35

Pretty much the theme that was running through my head as I was reading today’s passage was “Be prepared!”

Don’t listen to the pharisees who tell you that salvation is found in obeying the law – Be prepared to stand firm in the gospel.

Don’t buy the lie that you need to store up riches and wealth in this world as your salvation – Be prepared to live differently to the world.

Don’t live life for this world and be consumed with worry – be prepared to live for the kingdom of God…

Don’t fall asleep at the wheel of life – be prepared for the Master’s return!

What is pretty cool about reading these passages (or any part of the gospels!) is the radical life Jesus is calling his disciples to live. He came to set aside a people for himself, a people who will bear fruit for the kingdom of God. A people who will be servants, rather than seeking to elevate themselves above others.

So, be prepared to live a life that is radically different to the world around you, knowing that it is the power of God that has saved you and it is the power of God’s spirit working in you, enabling you to persevere in living for Him.

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2 comments on “Growup: day 290
  1. Rachael Voltz says:

    Question:Luke 12 : 10 I don’t understand this verse.Would someone explain? Thanks, Rachael

  2. Pete Thompson says:

    Hi Rachael

    In Luke 12:10 Jesus says, ‘everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven’. This verse contains what has become known as “the unforgivable sin” – an idea that has caused great difficulty for many people over the last 2000 years or so!

    One common misunderstanding is that the verse refers to a one-off act of sin: “blasphemy of the Holy Spirit”. Holding to this idea can obviously create great anxiety, since it’s a case of “if you do it you’re gone” since it can’t be forgiven! A much better way of understanding it (and a helpful distinction regarding sin in general) is to see that it’s talking about an persistent attitude of the heart from which the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). This is the kind of sin that can lead to rejection on the last day as it is a stubborn refusal to accept the gospel of Jesus and the deposit of the Spirit who guarantees our inheritance.

    As for the distinction Jesus makes between speaking against the Son of Man (i.e. himself) and blaspheming against (means the same thing in this context as “speaking against”) the Holy Spirit, it’s a case of understanding the progress of salvation history. The fact is that during Jesus time on earth, ultimately, EVERYONE rejected him – even his closest disciples. But this universal rejection was precisely what Jesus came to live, die and rise to do something about. Forgiveness comes through repenting of this terrible yet forgivable sin against the Son of Man and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. But if we reject the Holy Spirit, then there is no hope of forgiveness and restoration to God.

    Hope that makes some sense Rachael. Let me know if it doesn’t!

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