Growup: Day 3

One of the biggest challenges in reading the Old Testament is to work out whether we’re meant to interpret specific events or actions as good, bad or indifferent. Sometimes not much interpretation is needed: the actions of Noah’s son Ham are clearly dishonorable to his Father and Noah doesn’t leave us guessing (Gen 9:25)! But on other occasions it’s not so clear-cut: take Abram’s actions in passing off Sarai as his sister (Gen 12:11 ff). On the surface it seems a cowardly and detestable act and yet look at the result – Abram is blessed, and there is no evidence in the text that we are to judge Abram harshly for his cunning maneouvre. I think we might have to stay tuned for more on that one…

The big picture in these chapters however is that of SCATTERING due to sin and the beginning of God’s plan to GATHER a people for himself. And God’s plan to gather a people continues – praise God that we are that people!

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