Growup: Day 30

Hi anyone who’s reading, ¬†sorry about missing a couple of days over the weekend – I couldn’t work out how to post on the revamped website! Anyway, I’ve been set straight now so here are my thoughts on the passages from the weekend’s reading…

Leviticus 8-10

I saw a show on TV sometime last year, something like “the worst jobs in history”. Some of the jobs were pretty bad, like collecting the tobacco from cigarette butts picked up from the pub floor. But even that doesn’t compare to being a priest at the tabernacle! It sounds more like a job in an abattoir than in a “holy place”.

I’ve got to be honest, I find some of it hard to swallow. Reading about what happened to Nadab and Abihu, it’s hard not to feel like God’s being a bit unfair. In my head I know he’s not, but it’s hard to shake the feeling. Are you like me? I know this must mean that I just don’t take sin seriously enough. I know it must mean that I just don’t take God’s word seriously enough. I reckon I need to repent of that – and to be thankful again that repentance is an option because Jesus’ blood was shed for me.

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