Growup: day 300

Acts 5:17 – 7:60

wow… how encouraging is to read the story of the early Christians and how they stood firm in the midst of suffering and persecution BECAUSE they knew the great hope that is in Jesus Christ. They rejoiced that they suffered for the name of Jesus.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently after the 2 timothy talks and with reading a book called “total church” about the radical life that the gospel calls us to – a life that will have persecution because the message of Jesus is foolishness to the world. Jesus promises that if we follow him, we will experience persecution. The words of Jesus would have rang true in the ears of early Christians because of the opposition to the message of Jesus and the persecution that followed from proclaiming the gospel boldly. We won’t necessarily have EXACTLY the same experience but if we’re living the radical life, the gospel changed life, then we will face opposition to the message of Jesus… And what is our response to that opposition?

check out Stephen’s response – humility, forgiveness and love. Pretty hard to imagine that sort of response when being stoned!

Be encouraged by God’s word to keep living for our loving and glorious Saviour!

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