Growup: Day 328

Ephesians 1:1-4:16

Today we return to a passage that we were looking at together around this time last year in our “in Christ” series on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

This amazing letter focuses on the incredible change of identity that has taken place for all who have put their faith in Christ. At the heart of that change of identity is that though we were once separated from God and from each other, In Christ we have been restored both to God and to each other. This restoration of relationships actually redefines who we are. We are not just individuals plotting our own course through life (if it could even be called life apart from Christ). Instead, we are In Christ – that is our primary identity – we are united with Christ through his death and resurrection and through our God-given, Spirit-enabled faith in him. And being in Christ means that we are united to God and to each other – the body of Christ. The consequence of this is that each of us needs to think of ourselves as defined by the relationships that we have in Christ and then let this new definition impact us at every level – our thinking, our feeling, our doing, our decision-making… everything. Otherwise we are simply failing to be who I are.

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