Growup: day 329

Ephesians 4:17 – 6:24

Being IN CHRIST really does change how we do EVERYTHING… I mean, just look at the passage we read this morning – our whole lives as a body of believers is about being a beacon, a light to the world. It’s not about being a person that is a light; its about us as a body of Christ being a beacon of the gospel together.

This was a letter written to a church, instructing them about how to live in response to the grace and love in Christ. We are to be children of light, imitators of God, people who submit to each other out of reverence for Christ, people who are radically different to the world around them by how they live and love others because of the love God has shown them. We are to be wives (if you’re a wife) that are radically different to the world by lovingly submitting to their husbands in everything as to the Lord. We are to be husbands (if you’re a husband) that are radically different to the world by sacrificially loving their wives, doing everything possible to encourage her to grow in godliness and love for the gospel because that is what Christ has done for them (the husbands) in going to the cross. We are to be children who obey and respect our parents in the Lord. We are to be workers who work hard out sincerity of heart and serve, knowing that we are serving God by serving our workmates and bosses.

The gospel changes how we live asĀ  a body of Christ together in this world. Something that I am definitely challenged about and look to grow in…

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