Growup: day 34

Leviticus 20:1 – 22:33

ok, so there were 3 things that I was pondering on this morning…

– The holiness of God: almost at the end of each command or block of instructions there are these words – “I am the Lord…” Why follow these instructions? “I, the Lord, am holy” or “I am the Lord who makes them holy.” It is God who is the one true God, who creates, transforms and sets apart His people, (i.e. to be holy).

– Laws, laws, commands, laws… So much detail and depth of the laws. In Romans 3, we know that the law was there so that we would become conscious of sin. This hit me like a truck today! There are so many laws and instructions, in so much detail God has instructed His people so that they would see the depravity of their own sin and cry out to God for mercy!

– God’s design is for perfection: This is linked to the first one… In all the instructions, it was perfection that God sought. Perfect holiness in people’s actions in relating to one another, perfect holiness in their offerings to God, perfect holiness in their service of God… I mean, what person can be perfect??

So I have struggled to wade through all the commands and instructions trying to work out where Jesus fits but then I realised He is the fulfillment of it all. God requires perfection and holiness in people, but because we are sinful, depraved and evil in our core, we can’t fulfill the laws. BUT Jesus did. He was perfectly obedient as well as presenting to God a perfectly, holy sacrifice… himself on the cross…

Hope you are persevering through it all.

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