Growup: Day 361

Revelation 4:1-8:13

Well they talked of the biggest crowd in 49 years for the opening of the boxing day test match at the MCG. Hoping the Aussies could secure the win. But after the opening day a victory, is indeed unlikely.

Rev 5 tells of a crowd and a people thrilled at the victory that has been won. This people boast not just representatives from two countries, but persons from every tribe and language and people and nation. This people has been brought together because of an unlikely victory. A victory that came through an unlikely saviour, a lamb. This lamb was slain to secure this people, by its blood it purchased this people.

The Lamb, Christ, has secured our victory. At the cross he purchased a people for himself. The battle has already been won and now we wait for our king to hold up his victors crown, that final day will come… soon and very soon.

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3 comments on “Growup: Day 361
  1. David says:

    Hey Stew,

    Can you recommend a brief article or book on Revelation and how to interpret it and also one on end time events, particularly looking at the doctrine of the rapture? Thanks.

  2. Stewart Playsted says:

    Hmmm… bit tricky to include “Revelation” and “brief” but there is some helpful stuff out there. Here is a commentary that is very assessable and informative:

    Also a book that I assume seeks to answer some of the questions you are asking is:

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  3. Zyah says:

    A really good answer, full of raitnoailty!

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