Growup: day 40

Numbers 10:1 – 13:23

There’s been a pause in the story of Israel. After all the instructions and the commands, we rejoin the story where the people were in waiting. They haven’t entered the promise land yet and were getting tired of being God’s people… AGAIN! They were not happy about their hardships, they were not happy about the food (seems like they were sick of being vegos) and some of them were not happy with Moses’ leadership.

For their rebellion and rejection of God as their king, His wrath was poured out but yet He still showed them mercy… God didn’t completely wipe them out. He EVEN continued along with his plan – today’s reading ends with Moses sending out spies into the Promised Land. The promise seems like it has almost reached its fulfilment – God’s people, numerous as the stars in the heavens, living under God’s rule in the Promised Land. So today ends with a “To be continued…” feel…

The question that comes to mind is why does God lead them to the Promised Land after their rebellion, their rejection of living under God’s rule? Why not wait til they’ve learnt their lesson? Thoughts??

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