Growup: Day 7

Genesis 24:1-25:34
Its my turn to write something for this week (Julie here)…

In this passage we read about the search for a wife for Isaac and how he came to marry Rebekah; Abraham’s death and then children for Isaac and Rebekah (twins) – Esau (a red, hairy man hmmm – a little gross) who is the older brother to Jacob.

I was thinking about this passage in light of God’s grace and the significance of the rights the firstborn son has in a family (even though Esau ‘sold’ his birthrights to Jacob for some red lentil stew?). I guess one thing highlighted in this passage is who God chooses by His grace to establish his Kingdom. We see in God’s word that it’s often the unworthy one that he chooses or the unlikely one but certainly not the obvious and predictable (like the firstborn son) but we can always be certain that God chooses who or what is best. I guess we will read more about Jacob in the coming chapters and to see how God uses him to establish the nation of Israel.

Grace has always been part of God’s plan – does anyone else have anything else to add about God’s grace ?

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6 comments on “Growup: Day 7
  1. Simon Allery says:

    I hope Smarty isn’t reading this.

  2. Peter Yock says:

    i think you’re a bit rough on the ranga’s julie

  3. can I please just explain that I have nothing against people who have red hair or even hairy people – it just seemed that Esau was EXTREMELY hairy like an animal (I am possibly making this worse for myself but I feel the need to explain)

  4. Trev Voltz says:

    Thats good to know Julie.
    Simon and Yocky the 2 hairless monkeys. haha

  5. Rachael Voltz says:

    Isaac pleaded for his wife because she was barren(Gen25:21).He sort this request for many years.This demonstrates *perseverence in prayer
    *A husband’s love for his wife is expressed through the action of prayer,commited prayer.
    How commited are we to prayer for others, even when large spans of time go by and there seems to be no answer?God hears and His timing and answer is aways right and good!

  6. Isaac and Rebekah’s approach to her in fertility is certainly very different to that taken by Abraham & Sarah and Jacob and his wives! Prayer is the language of dependence and trust, the acknowledgment that God is God and we are not. And yes, praying for someone is definitely a beautiful way of loving them.

    Thanks for the reminder Rachael.

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