Growup: Day 82

1 Samuel 17:31-19:24

Can you believe that chapter 17 was chopped in half for the reading! How were you able to sleep last night not knowing how the story ended?! Oh, you already knew…

The great thing about David is that he’s not intimidated by Goliath because he knows that though Goliath is big, God is so much bigger! Saul however is not such a big fan of David’s success, especially when it means having to share his people’s adulation (18:8-9). In fact, he’s so jealous that he tries to kill David, not just once but 7 times! But Saul’s attempts are useless because David is God’s anointed, his Messiah. God will achieve his purposes in and through David and there’s nothing Saul can do to stop it.

God always wins and no enemy, no matter how big can stand before his chosen one. Jesus came to triumph over all our great enemies and did so by making a public spectacle of them at the cross (Colossians 2:15). How amazing that God chose to win his greatest victories through unlikely people like David and unlikely means like a cursed Roman cross!

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