Growup: Day 90

2 Samuel 12:1 – 14:24

We hit the 3month mark! 90days into reading the bible in a year and we reach the rebuke of Nathan and the consequence of David’s sin – the death of his son and the calamity falling upon his household.

I always find it difficult to read the story of rape of Tamar because it was so treacherous and so calculated by her own half brother. How could he do that? How could David do nothing to bring justice for his daughter? It was a big reminder to me of the depth of human sin and the rebellion against God’s good direction and purpose. David’s sin (adultery with Bathsheba) had consequences – his sons followed his example of failing to live for God under His rule, His Lordship.

The big difference is David’s reaction to rebuke. David humbled himself and repented, throwing himself on the mercy of God, knowing he deserved to die for the adultery and murder he had committed. (This is a slight aside but I found it interesting that one of “payments” for David’s sins was the death of his son. The payment of our sin was the death of God’s son…) but his son’s failed to model his humility and repentance and David failed as a father to instruct them and bring them to justice – why? Maybe because his sin was fresh in his mind and he may have thought that he was in no place to judge.

I guess in that, David was right – he wasn’t able to judge righteously as he was consumed with sin, like the rest of us… BUT God is not. Jesus is the righteous, perfect judge without sin, who knew that we would receive the penalty that our sin deserved – death… Yet he came and took that penalty on himself by dying on the cross – which is what we celebrate over Easter, Jesus’ death and resurrection. Easter is such a great opportunity we have to share the good news of Jesus to those around us!

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