How to pack for nextgen

The family businesafrica-overloaded-passengers-truck_3023038ks got to work, first enough food had to be cooked for our arrival in the blue mountains, to feed 7 hungry year 11-12 youthies  (Henk, Jonathan, Zach, Martin, Cole, Amos and Calvin). So Corry and Rachael whipped up the pasta sauce which was frozen and delivered to the Playsteds. Then we had to get all the youthies there. Youngy would drive the Crosthwaites Tarago and the Playsteds would drive the Patches Territory. All sorted…

Well kind of, Scott was to drive the Territory last night to Brisbane airport to drop Stezz, Hayden and their friend, for their trip to Europe. But there was an issue with the car. Maybe the Territory won’t make it to the Blue mountains and there are no mechanics open on a Saturday! (Jon Mison offers his Prado).

David McDonald volunteers to have a look at it in the workshop. This morning all is on track. But that other issue in the Territory should probably be sorted. Scott and David return to the workshop tonight to finalise the once over! The Territory and the Tarago are all packed. Nextgen at Katoomba, here we come.

Thank God for the family business!!

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