How to Vote

Gotcha! You thought I was actually going to tell you how to vote this Saturday. Some of you were keen for any guidance, others were keen to jump down my throat and box me around the ears (if you can do both those things at the same time?!) for being so presumptuous, while still others hadn’t even realised we’ve got an election coming up.

Well, you’ll be disappointed/glad/disinterested to know that I’m not really one for telling people how Christians should vote. I reckon most of that sort of advice is based on drastic over-simplifications and shockingly wayward interpretations of both politics and what it means to be a Christian.

But every now and then I come across someone (YES, even on the interweb!) who actually makes a whole lot of sense and approaches issues with wisdom, insight and a good sense of humour. So if you want to approach your vote on Saturday in an informed and responsible way can I suggest you check out this series of articles. The link will take you to the first one and you can follow the series through further links at the top of the screen.

Happy voting!

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