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I hate feeling like an outsider – like I don’t know what’s going on. I also hate the thought that people in our church family sometimes feel that way too. One of the ways that we try to avoid such feelings is by including a whole bunch of information in the small group booklet each term. If your small group booklet only sees the light of day when you pull it out to head off to your group each week then you’re missing out and running the risk of making yourself feel like an outsider.

So instead, why not have a read through the first half of your booklet. You’ll find stories & pics from connect09, a MOPS update, kids church news & programs, youth gear, mission briefs from Brad & Rachel & MUCH, MUCH MORE! I’d particularly like to draw your attention to the info from Leadership Team and the committee of management on pages 12-13. Please have a careful read through these pages and commit our needs and future directions to God as you pray for our church.

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  1. David says:

    I’ve often thought about the good material I’ve gathered after completing a Bible studies at the end of term and saying to myself that I must revise the studies at some stage in the future. Well, now that I know that Mitchell will be doing Nehemiah for most of this coming term in Tall Timbers, I’ve pulled out my Bible study and Bible Talk notes from 2002 and decided to do the questions again with Mitchell! We’ve just looked at the investigate questions in the 1st week’s study, and we both found it really good to do! I hope to do this with Mitch a few times a week (when I’m not preparing my Bible Study for Monday night, and when I’m not doing something with Nathan). What do other people do with their old Bible study booklets and Bible talk notes? I’d really like to use mine more, as I often think back to series and think “What was that book about?”, or “How did we interpret those verses?” What are people’s plans for doing personal Bible study and/or Bible study with their flat mates/family this coming term?

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