Issues in the Plaza

This semester at the bible talks, we are trying something new. In addition to the main meeting (Tuesdays, 12 – 1pm), we also meet together for “issues in the plaza” (Thursdays from 12noon). This is a chance for students to think and discuss current issues, topics and relationships in the world over lunch.

Over the last 4 weeks, we’ve thought through many issues. For example: we’ve looked at the bushfire tragedy and raised the question – what happens when nature goes wild? What does it mean when people say that the bushfires showed the worst of nature but the best of humanity? How do we as Christians make sense of these events?

We’ve looked at Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address that claimed that they WILL restore science to its rightful place. They will transform the schools to meet the demands of the new age. What exactly is the place of science in society? What has changed in society that science needs to be restored? Does faith in Jesus have a place? Or is it at odds with science?

We’ve looked at how volunteering fits in our local community. Why do people volunteer in our community?What is their purpose in volunteering? Is it to find fulfilment or contentment? How do we as Christians view volunteering?

It has been encouraging having students come along and discuss these issues, thinking through how their faith in Jesus shapes their lives and conversations (graceful and salty conversations!).

So you may be asking – where is it happening? In the plaza at Southern Cross University– look for the people in TBT shirts!

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2 comments on “Issues in the Plaza
  1. katharine says:

    thanks jas
    I’m really enjoying the chance to read through stuff from the media… instead of automatically taking it on board (like I do too often), it’s great to think and chat together as christians about how we be a part of the world, yet not a part of it…

    if any one at scpc has ideas of what we could discuss, we’d love to hear from you -please send us an email (… thanks!

  2. Rachel I says:

    Hi Katharine, Jas & Ryan & TBTers! Sounds great what is happening on campus with TBT. Love the thursday meeting idea. What a great way to engage with ongoing isssues and topics and get ideas, encouragement and gain understanding on things. We are praying for you all!!

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