Media Watch: Is the Bible True?

For anyone interested, here is the extended version of the interview we watched on Sunday night.

What approaches to truth does the interviewee employ during the interview?

What else strikes you about what she says?

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One comment on “Media Watch: Is the Bible True?
  1. Trevor Voltz says:

    She bases her thinking/answers based on that there is no other historical written evidence to prove whats written in the bible is true(No facts no faith). That what her and other historians believe is true but other historians who disagree with her are wrong.
    She likes studying the bible but hates that it interferes the way she would like to see the world turn, that its responsible for all the environmental problems,wars, anti feminist and marriage equality. For something she doesn’t believe in is happy to say it causes all these problems but hey people have the right to have faith.
    A expert on the bible being an atheist talking to a person who hates anything to with Christianity pretty sad setup.

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