Global Mission Partners


The goal of the Global Mission Partners ministry is to strengthen partnerships between SCPC and our GMPs for the spread of the kingdom to the glory of God.

The objectives include:

  • To give all SCPC members a clear focus for their involvement in Global Mission
  • To encourage and resource our GMPs in their mission
  • To seek the support of our GMPs in our Local Mission


To achieve our goal we will develop a GMP Team which will be made up of one member from each SG and GC. The GMP Team will aim to meet once a term to develop plans to achieve GMP goals and to also pray for GMPs and our partnership with them. The GMP team members will then have the role of working alongside their SG or GC leader to strengthen their group’s partnership with their designated GMP.

How can you help?

Work with your group’s GMP Team member and discuss how you can be more active in participating and initiating more partnership with your GMP.


Linda with OMF logo

Hi, I’m Linda.

I live in Taiwan. Most people in Taiwan don’t know the good news about Jesus. So, I have been learning Chinese for two and a half years so I can share it with them. Recently I moved to a new town where there aren’t many Christians. Each week I go out and meet people and share Bible stories with them and we discuss it so that they can know who Jesus is, why he came and why we need to trust in him.



McDonalds with PIM logo

Hi, we are David and Gae.

We used to live in Modanville, near Lismore and go to your church. We are now living in South Australia and drive and visit people in the outback. These people live a long way away from bigger towns and cities. Most of these towns don’t have churches so we visit them and show them God’s love by helping them and talking to them about Jesus. We take Bibles and other things with us to give them to help them understand that God wants them to be part of His family.

Scott family pic

Hi, my name is Marshall.

My wife Julie and our 3 boys, Douglas, Bill and Daniel, along with 2 hampsters (Cannon Fodder and Furball) live in Taiwan. We are here doing church planting. We don’t use a pitchfork and fertilizer – church planting means starting a new church by telling people about Jesus and letting God make them into his followers.


R for website

Hi, I’m R.

Do you know that I can’t even tell you my name or where I live because I work in a country where it is not safe for people to follow Jesus as their King? I moved to this country because I want to help people to know and follow Jesus. Some people decide to follow Jesus but I can’t tell you their names as It’s not safe for them.